This is a Prodrive works built machine, which Andrew Nesbitt won the Irish International Tarmac Championship in 2000 and Nial Maguire won the Irish Dunlop National Tarmac Championship in 2002.

Specification Includes :

The car boasts a multitude of technology, specifically it runs with fully ‘active' differentials and gearbox, that is to say that the car has an Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) to monitor and control the wheel speeds of any one wheel, transferring power from front to back and left to right as required, thus maximising grip through corners.

Shell: Fully integrated welded roll cage utilising the very best in design and manufacture ensuring full protection to the driver and co driver, whilst optimising torsional strength.

Engine: 4 cylinder, developing 300+ BHP and approx 500 Ft lbs of torque, transmitted through a carbon fibre clutch arrangement.

Gearbox: 6 speed ‘H pattern' dog engagement with active centre differential.

Front and rear differentials, fully adjustable to suit varying weather conditions and driver preferences.

Brakes: Massive 370mm front disc brakes and 6 pot water cooled calipers with 305mm rear discs and 4 pot callipers.

Suspension: Fully independent front and rear suspension using Irish bumpy tarmac settings.

Motordrive Moulded seats, Coralba trip computer, Peltor communications.

Weight 1230 Kgs

1999 Pro-Drive Subaru Impreza WRC

Registration Number : V10 WRC.